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Free AI Tools: Supercharge your Productivity without Paying a Penny.
Not more than 6 options, carefully selected after testing hundreds of tools in each category. The list will be updated with better tools regularly.

AI search engines are like intelligent assistants that quickly understand your needs and provide you with the most relevant information, so you don’t have to sift through a lot of content. They direct you to the exact results you need with prompts, saving you time and effort.

AI search engine: Phind
Pair Programmer & AI Search Engine
AI-chat-based conversational search engine
Navigate web with the help of AI

AI tools for education and research enhance learning and exploration by utilizing AI to assist in tasks such as information gathering, research, analysis, fact-checking and problem-solving.

Ask any PDF questions using AI to learn faster
Evidence-Based Answers: AI chat to find research faster
Get education-related answers with facts and data
Chat with any PDF for faster research and learning

AI photo generators use deep learning algorithms to transform text descriptions into a variety of images, ranging from realistic depictions to stylized creations. These generators serve multiple purposes, such as sparking creativity, visualizing concepts or exploring scenarios.

Generate illustration & art using text prompts
Generate and edit realistic images from text prompts
Generate realistic images from natural description
AI image generation with multiple style choices
Draw and create images from any text prompt
Create multiple variations of an image 

AI-powered designing increases your productivity for design related work by leveraging advanced algorithms to assist in generating unique ideas to work around.

Design logos using artificial intelligence
Generate color palettes according to moods
Generate color palettes personalized to your taste
Design presentations and websites using AI
Design posters using text prompts
Create unique color schemes using machine learning

AI-driven photo editing transforms images by using advanced algorithms to enhance, retouch, and modify pictures for stunning visual results.

add realistic content to images using text prompts
Remove unwanted things from images in seconds
Unblur Old photos in seconds
Colorize black & white photos in different styles
Remove background using artificial intelligence
Uncrop: generate background to resize any photo with AI

AI-powered text-to-speech seamlessly transforms written content into remarkably natural-sounding audio, eliminating the necessity for a human narrator.

Realistic Text to Speech and Voice Cloning software
Use machine learning for superior voice generation


Tactics+ AI Productivity Toolbox is a curated collection of free AI tools aimed at enhancing your productivity. The focus is on providing high-quality options rather than overwhelming users with numerous choices.

Yes, the toolbox will undergo regular updates. Free AI tools will be swapped out for better alternatives, ensuring that users have access to the latest and most effective options.

The toolbox is curated by a dedicated individual who selects a limited but superior set of free AI tools for each category, ensuring quality over quantity.

The intended audience is people who know about the potential benefits and risks of AI, but who find it difficult to use AI tools to boost their productivity because most of these tools are expensive.

The main objective of the website is to help users overcome the challenge of utilizing AI tools for productivity by offering high-quality free alternatives. The goal is to empower users to enhance their productivity without any cost.

To stay updated, visit the website regularly. The curator will be swapping tools to ensure that users have access to the best options.

While the specifics may vary, the curator is generally open to suggestions. Feel free to reach out to the curator using the provided communication channels.

No, all the tools featured on the platform are free to use. The aim is to help users supercharge their productivity without any financial burden.

You can find self-improvement tools (with step-by-step instructions) from the world’s best minds here.