Reddit Addiction: How to Deactivate Reddit

What is “deactivation” (important)?

This article will walk you through how to “deactivate” your Reddit account without actually deleting it. This deactivation method is more effective compared to the ones on other social media apps like Instagram.

While I could just give you the steps outright, search engines tend to prefer longer articles.

Plus, I genuinely want you to grasp the basics. So, you have the option to skip straight to the steps or delve into the rationale, which I highly recommend (it could offer a refreshing break after consuming short-form content non-stop for 134 minutes).

So, what exactly is “deactivation”? Aren’t you just a single log-in away from reactivating your account (no relapse intended)?

Here are four ways it helps:

  1. Think of it as making a commitment to yourself. Its effects are primarily psychological.
  2. When you deactivate your account on certain platforms, others are aware of it. Returning just a day later could be rather embarrassing.
  3. It adds a layer of resistance to using the app.
  4. You get no notifications, so, nothing is tempting you to come back.

Similarly, temporarily deactivating Reddit can help you stop its compulsive use. You’ll do two things:

  1. You’ll use the Google Authenticator app to make using Reddit harder. Google Authenticator serves as an additional layer of protection for your Reddit account, providing a one-time code that’s necessary for logging in.
    To increase resistance, you’ll also delete the Reddit app and the authenticator app from your phone after setting it up.
  2. You’ll disable all Reddit emails.

This tactic is more robust, offering increased resistance while still allowing you to use Reddit if necessary.

Reddit addiction: What makes Reddit different?

Ever found yourself writing to ease that overthinking? It works like magic.

Writing sorts out your thoughts, making you think about each sentence deeply, which results in clearer thoughts (opinions, arguments, plans, etc).

On the flip side, talking provides immediate correction. Your conversational partner serves as your “opposing counsel,” quick to object to odd statements. It’s a refining process that sharpens your ideas and eliminates illogical arguments, strengthening your reasoning.

However, the need for quick responses can limit deeper exploration.

Reddit leverages the power of both writing and dialogue, which can supercharge your thinking.

It includes both thinking deeply about your responses through writing and then getting corrected by some of the most intelligent people. Not often though, you always get one or two of those “Are you on acid?” replies.

The toxic side of Reddit

All this makes you think Reddit is “not just another social media”. But let’s face it: our “intellectual deep dives” often end up as cat video marathons. And when our favorite subreddits turn into chaotic battlegrounds filled with endless debates and trolling, it’s hard not to get sucked into the toxicity.

Despite its benefits, Reddit can be a breeding ground for negativity. Many people know this but still can’t stop using Reddit.

five steps to deactivate Reddit

Follow these steps to deactivate your Reddit account and stop using Reddit:

  1. Turn off Reddit emails: Navigate to settings on Reddit. Choose “Email” from the options, then switch off any unnecessary emails. I suggest turning them all off.
  1. Set up two-factor authentication: In Reddit settings, choose “Safety & Privacy” from the options.

    Scroll down to “Advanced Security” and turn on “Use two-factor authentication”.

    This will open a popup. Enter your password to proceed. This will generate a barcode now.
Stop using Reddit: Deactivate Reddit 2FA
Deactivate Reddit: 2FA
  1. Download Google Authenticator: Download Google Authenticator on your mobile phone and log in.

    Next, click on the “+” icon below to add a new account. Then, use the authenticator app to scan the generated barcode.

    Once your account is added to the authenticator app, a one-time code will be generated. Input this code into the Reddit pop-up to complete the setup.
  1. Delete the app: Delete the authenticator app from your mobile device. You’ll need to download the authenticator app whenever you want to use Reddit.
    This ensures that you only use Reddit when necessary.
  2. Sign out of and delete Reddit: Sign out of Reddit on all your devices and ensure the app is deleted from your phone.

    This means you’ll need to download both apps again if you want to use Reddit. This ensures you’ll only use Reddit when you have a solid reason to do so.


This tactic is the only method to temporarily deactivate Reddit without deleting your account, and it’s more effective than deactivation on other social media platforms.

Social media presents both positive and negative aspects. If you can sidestep the negatives while still benefiting from the positives, why not do it?

This will stop your Reddit addiction once and for all.

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